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This is the blog of the Lions and Hedgehogs for this week. We are happy to share some
activities we did at school.

We learned about comics(Bande Dessinée/Mangas/Fumetti) in French class
this week. We learned the names of the elements that make a comic. We are
planning to create our own comic ‘Super Maitresse’ and present it to the whole
school. We divided the class into different groups and each group has to do one
‘vignette’. Our class had fun making the vignettes.

In Science class, we are going to have multiple experiments on light
which will be made by the children.

Ms.Julie got us new books for Geography. We had a nice time looking at
the book.

With Ms.Marialena we had a fun test on Greek alphabets.

As a new subject we are learning about animals with Ms.Anne Claire. We
learned about cheetahs this week.

Our snack for Friday was ‘Galette de Rois’ and Peter won the small
figurine and became king.

We read two stories in Ms.Suzie’s class,
1.    The Growing Summer – Meeting great
aunt Dymphna by Noel Streatfeild (Hedgehogs)
2.   Marley’s ghost(lions).
We are also reading a comic book called ‘El Deafo’.


                                Thank you for reading.

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