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Tamizhmathi SIVAKUMAR

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– The school reopened on Thursday 5th Jan after Christmas vacation. 


– On Thursday, Miss Suzie introduced a new subject – Music. The new subject
will be taught once a week.


– We started learning the music by historic periods – 358 AD to 2017.


– On the first day, We tried to learn and sing the song "Sumer is
icumen in" (spring has arrived).


– On Friday, We did our first school assembly. Henceforth, the assembly
will be held once a month. 


– Miss Talia hosted this assembly and we discussed about Superheros and
their superpowers. Respectful, Responsible, Kind and Safe are the superpowers.


– It was declared that the person who are responsible for safety of
themselves and their classmates will get a reward. Three from each class will
be eligible for this reward.


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  1. Thanku
    Posted January 13, 2017 at 3:29 pm | Permalink

    Great Initiative! Looking forward to the coming editions of the gazette.

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