Portrait of the School

At Rainbow School Paris, the child experiments with :

  • the fun of learning
  • bilingualism
  • a multi-cultural environment

We provide a curriculum in English and French. In nursery school, teaching is 80% in English and 20% in French. Then from primary school, teaching is 50% in English and 50% in French.
From Nursery, we strive to make our youngest students ́ first school learning experience meaningful and worth remembering. In all of their activities, there is balance between structure and free choice, as well as between active and relaxation times, always under the “total immersion in English” methodology, following the Montessori Method. We also employ specific educational material to develop the five senses. Our students are shaped to take pleasure in learning; they also acquire the ability to propose and create solutions from and for life, developing high-level thinking and teamwork skills.

At Rainbow School, the very close collaboration and relationship between the teaching staff and the parents allows us to offer a very harmonious teaching environment for the children.
 Both students and parents receive personalized attention. The School’s environment is family-oriented. Parents who wish to do so, may participate actively in the School’s Parent-Teacher Association, Rainbow friends, which is geared towards building a closer relationship between school and home.


Our Profile

Rainbow School is a private, bilingual, multicultural institution, without any affiliation to any political or religious creed. We are affiliated to two recognized educational organisations: ELSA and ECIS. We follow a regular French curriculum and in addition we prepare our students for tests set by the University of Cambridge for international education. Rainbow School receives no funding from the state or local government.

At Rainbow School, we receive children from all around the world, from nursery through primary school. We are approximately 100 children from twenty different nationalities. With average class size of 18, students are significant as individuals and receive the attention to help them realize their potential. A diverse curriculum challenges students to experience learning actively; to stimulate creativity and artistic talents; and to develop cooperative learning skills.

We provide a curriculum in English and French. Inspired from the Montessori method of schooling, we have a pedagogical approach allowing each child to learn at his rhythm, to discover the joy of learning and to build his self-confidence.