Nursery and Primary Programs

Introduction to Montessori Method

Rainbow School offers a Montessori education in English and French. The Montessori Method, was developed by an Italian  physician Maria Montessori. The method promotes self-discipline and learning at the child’s own pace.The children work independently, with guidance and encouragement from their teachers.The Montessori classroom is designed to appeal to a child’s senses, especially touch and sight. Special Montessori equipment teach mathematics, language skills, and reading, as well as develop personal skills and confidence.

Using this method in the school encourage the young learners to use all of their senses to investigate the world as learning becomes more natural and joyful activity. This is accomplished by permitting the children to experience the excitement of acquiring knowledge by choice rather than by force.


Nursery – Educational Project

At Rainbow School we offer a caring and positive environment for preschoolers. We guide children in building and maintaining a healthy self-esteem by modeling strategies for composure, conflict resolution, and positive interactions with peers and adults. Teachers act as facilitators and coaches; children work independently and at their own pace.


Primary – Educational Project

Primary school students enjoy a bilingual and bicultural environment, where their development is nourished to help them achieve their maximum potential.

They work half the day in English and half in French. Our teachers are trained to attend our students’ individual needs and prepare personalized teaching. The maximum group size is 18 students.

To enhance the development of our students, we offer special classes in Drama and Physical Education.

In a typical classroom the children may be found working around tables or sitting on the carpet with the teacher. Many of the activities are collaborative with importance given to discussion and listening skills. Above all, our school is a place where children feel valued.

We aim to provide a safe, stimulating and challenging environment where educational and social needs are met.