Terms of use

Terms of use updated on 27 February October 2019


These general Terms of use are intended to govern the terms and conditions of use of the site accessible at www.rainbowschool.fr (hereinafter referred to as the “Site“) published by Bénédicte Lartigue Vaissade.

A “User” is any person browsing the Site.



1.1 The use of the Site https://rainbowschoolparis.com implies the full and complete acceptance of the Terms of use described below. The check mark in the box at the end of the page indicates acceptance of the Site’s Terms of use.

1.2. The Terms of use can be modified by Bénédicte Lartigue Vaissade at any time to take into account changes in the Site and changes in applicable regulations. The new version of the Terms of use will be  updated and available on the Site. The Site https://rainbowschoolparis.com is regularly updated by Bénédicte Lartigue Vaissade

1.3. The User must consult the Terms of use regularly.

1.4. Similarly, the Legal notices can be modified at any time: they are nevertheless binding on the User, who is invited to refer to them as often as possible in order to become aware of them.


2.1. The Site and each of its constituent elements, and in particular, but not exclusively, texts, trademarks, logos, sounds, music, page layouts, supports, icons, and more generally, all visual or sound elements (hereinafter the “Intellectual Property Items”), are protected by intellectual property rights owned by the RAINBOW SCHOOL PARIS.

Some of the Intellectual Property Items may also be the property of third parties who have granted a right of use to the RAINBOW SCHOOL PARIS.

Unless there is a legal exception, any reproduction, representation, modification, distribution, adaptation, translation, and/or total or partial transformation, integration with other elements or transfer to another website of all or part of the Intellectual Property Elements without the express prior written consent of the Company or the third parties concerned who hold the intellectual property rights is strictly prohibited.

2.2. Any violation of these Terms of use constitutes an infringement within the meaning of the Intellectual Property Code and subjects the offender to the criminal and civil penalties provided for by French law.

2.3 Any introduction of data on the Site, by any means whatsoever, that would modify or be likely to modify the content or appearance of the data, the presentation or organization of the Site or the works appearing on the Site is strictly prohibited.


3.1. The User is invited to consult Article n°6 of the School’s Internal Regulations relating to the policy for the protection of the personal data of Users of the site.

3.2. The Internal Regulations (“general and Financial conditions”) are available at office@rainbowschoolparis.com.


4.1. Links to a Website containing information of an illegal, violent, controversial, pornographic, xenophobic nature and/or infringing the intellectual property rights of a third party and/or damaging the Company’s image and/or the Company’s reputation are prohibited.

4.2. Any hypertext link to this Site is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Company. It may at any time withdraw this authorization and remove the link if it does not comply with applicable legislation or if the link does not comply with these Terms of use and other RAINBOW SCHOOL PARIS policies (including the Data protection Policy).

4.3. The Site may potentially contain hypertext links redirecting the User to third party websites that are not published by the RAINBOW SCHOOL PARIS. It has no control over these sites and cannot under any circumstances be held liable for the content published on third party sites or for any damage or prejudice resulting from navigation on these sites.


5.1. Site Owner’s obligations

5.1.1. This site is normally accessible to Users at all times. However, an interruption for technical maintenance reasons may be decided by the RAINBOW SCHOOL PARIS, which will then endeavour to inform users in advance of the dates and times of the intervention.

5.1.2. The unavailability of the Site, whatever the cause, does not entitle the User to compensation.

5.1.3. The Company may not be held liable in the event of force majeure, network and/or server malfunctions, or breakdowns and maintenance operations necessary for the proper functioning of the site or any other event beyond its control. The Company cannot be held liable for any material or immaterial damage resulting in any way from the connection to the Site. 

5.2 User’s obligations

5.2.1. The User undertakes to use the Site in accordance with these Terms of use.

5.2.2. The User acknowledges that he/she has the necessary skills and resources to access and use the Site, and acknowledges that he/she has verified that the computer configuration used does not contain any viruses and that it is in perfect working order.

The User acknowledges that he/she takes all necessary measures to protect his/her computer system against any contamination by potential viruses and against any attempt at intrusion by third parties.

5.2.3. The User is liable for any loss or damage, material or immaterial, resulting from the use of the Site.

5.2.4. The User uses the information available on the Site under his exclusive responsibility. If necessary, it must carry out the necessary checks.

5.2.5. The User undertakes not to infringe the rights of third parties or the image of the RAINBOW SCHOOL PARIS.

As such, the User undertakes not to share any content or hypertext link containing, without this list being exhaustive:

  • pornographic, paedophile, violent, obscene or other content likely to seriously violate human dignity; 
  • content that infringes the property rights of third parties and/or the company;
  • content that could be qualified as, or constitute an incentive to: the commission of crimes or offences, discrimination, hatred or violence, in particular on grounds of race, ethnicity or nation, the apology of Nazism, the contestation of the existence of crimes against humanity, the violation of the authority of justice, defamation, insult, denigration, invasion of privacy, or acts endangering minors, content intended to display prohibited objects or works, messages of a defamatory, gross, abusive, violent or contrary to the laws in force, messages on tobacco and alcohol, content containing personal details and information allowing a precise geographical location (telephone number, address, etc.), messages encouraging the consumption of prohibited substances or suicide, messages allowing third parties to obtain directly or indirectly pirated software, software serial numbers allowing acts of piracy and intrusion into computer and telecommunications systems, viruses and other logic bombs and in general any tool or software, messages allowing the rights of others to be infringed and the safety of persons and property in violation of the private nature of correspondence, this list being not exhaustive;
  • a negative or discriminatory connotation, a political, religious, fascist, xenophobic, racist, sectarian or similar character, insults, threats, or advertisements.

5.2.6. The User undertakes to respect the integrity of the Site. He/she shall refrain from obstructing or forcing the operation of the Site, from modifying, altering or fraudulently deleting the content accessible via the Site and from fraudulently introducing data on the Site.


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7.1. If any of the clauses are declared null and void, they shall be deemed unwritten but shall not invalidate the other clauses of these terms and conditions.

7.2. The User’s or the RAINBOW SCHOOL PARIS’ failure to exercise any of the rights resulting from these terms and conditions does not constitute a waiver of its rights.


8.1. These terms and conditions are governed by French law.

8.2. Any disputes that may arise from the application of these terms of use and that cannot be previously resolved by amicable settlement shall be submitted, notwithstanding multiple defendants and/or warranty claims, even for urgent proceedings or protective proceedings in summary proceedings or by application, to the jurisdiction of the competent French courts.